Updated at 06:30 Tuesday 16 April 2024

Current conditions
Temperature 9.1C
Temp change last 3 hrs -0.1C
Dew point 5.8C
Humidity 80%
Wind 16 kts WNW
Wind avg last 10 mins 14 kts WNW
Wind gust last 10 mins 23 kts WNW
Pressure 1014.8 hPa rising slowly
Solar 7 W/m2
Rain rate now 0.0 mm/hr
Rain last hour 0.0 mm
Rain today 0.0 mm
Rain last 24 hours 3.6 mm
Rain this month 27.6 mm
Rain this year 249.8 mm
Today's highs and lows
High Low
Temperature 9.6C at 03:13 9.1C at 00:05
Humidity 81% at 05:14 72% at 00:02
Wind 10 min avg 21 kts WNW at 00:25 11 kts NW at 04:40
Wind gust 37 kts NW at 00:41
Pressure 1014.9 hPa at 06:29 1012.6 hPa at 02:09
Rain rate 0.0 mm/hr at 00:00

Welcome to KnollWeather

This web site shows current weather conditions in the Somerset village of Brent Knoll, about halfway between Weston-super-Mare and Bridgwater.

The Knoll, a distinctive hill which gives the village its name, rises 139m above sea level and has fine views across the Somerset Levels. The privately-owned weather station is on low ground to the west of the Knoll. The site is well exposed to the south and west, but trees and the Knoll itself affect wind speeds from the north and east.

The weather station is a Davis VP2 connected to Weatherlink Live, both supplied by Prodata. The site was written by Steve Baggs using PHP, and it is hosted by Mythic Beasts.

Archived weather data with graphs and charts can be found on Met Office WOW and Weather Underground.

The station is run by Steve and Jan Baggs, and you can contact us here.